Saturday, February 17, 2007

Objects in History

So this has been an exciting Valentine's week...

1) Started reading "System of Objects" and am disconcerted by Baudrillard's prescience.
Have been reading bits of Josh's blog--a new project he's doing on the IPOD. It's all about the fetish-ing of such an
object--the dildo-ey insertability of our little obsessions. And Baudrillard talks about the relationship between size and
function--that the larger something is, like a living room or a car, the more vessel-like it is. IPODs are both vessel and
insertion, yeah? There's the seductive size, they're slippability--but they also carry something of us with them. Like, aside
from the whole argument about the diminution of public spaces, there is also the exercised/exorcised choice--that I
don't want to be a part of your commercial public space. Instead of being assaulted by advertisements and pitches, I can
run to my own sounds. I can "Take Your Mama" out without having to hear about your newest deals on stereo equipment
or dating service.
3) Got an interview at a school in California. So, that'll be my first view of the Pacific, which I'm kinda excited about...

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