Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Like I mentioned a little while ago, my friend is doing this neat podcast thing called "People You Don't Know." And last night, I was one of the People You Don't Know--and I talk really, really, really fast. You can listen here to the absolutely insane speed at which I speak.

And, if you do listen, spare a moment for my dear students who must hear that SPEED during class all the time. They are troopers, they are.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Things that have been happening that I may or may not have noticed

1) My dear friend was really sick and was in the hospital and I didn't even know it until today. He is at home now, getting better, and I am glad.

2) Got roller skates and went roller skating outdoors twice with another friend. I need to get wrist-guards.

3) Went to a debate tournament last weekend in Cornell with St John's Debate Society. Two teams got to quarter finals and one made it to semis. Nationals are in a month!!! (But I will not be there because I will be at the beach with E!)

4) Am fixin to start beginning the process of thinking about packing for my upcoming move. Yech.

5) My little stone elephant that Amy got me for a birthday years ago fell off her perch at school and now she (the elephant, not the Amy) has no nose. :(

6) Am going to DC today to visit with my favorite cousin, Lily. Also, am looking forward to seeing her dear parents.

7) It is much colder today than I thought it would be. I wish I had worn tights.

8) Oh My God with the grading.

9) Made reservations at a swank hotel for my dear E!'s bachelorette party in May. There will be champagne, oh yes.

10) Am going to be interviewed for PYDK, a podcast instigated and maintained by another E I know. I guess the interview will be posted sometime next week?

Monday, February 16, 2009

As of Today,

This blog is 2 years old. Hooray, Birth Days!

I know that I came to this blogging thing late--as can be seen in the turn, recently, among some of my blog-eagues (forgive me the ridiculous neo-logism--it won't happen again). There is a turn, it seems, to stop blogging, in favor of facebook status updates and Twitter and, um, other things that I am too much of a late adopter to name. But I like it. And I'm gonna keep doing it.

Well. As long as it's fun. And it doesn't start to feel like work. And there are things I want to tell you. And nothing else distracts me... Because then I might stop.

No promises here, really.

But I did want to note the Birth Day. So. As of Today, this Blog is putting on her Business Socks... and you know when she's down to her socks what time it is.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Debaters, Second Life, Copies All Around

Here are two of our debaters discussing the recent Second Life debate (watch here, if you'd like)--

Welcome to the 21st century, Academia. And, for the love of Pete, put some pants on!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It Breaks My Heart

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

I got this from my dear friend's blog, Gathering Stones. I'm not gonna lie. It kinda does break my heart.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Almost Birthday, SimulateThis!

This blog was born on February 16, 2006. In honor of that event, here is a rundown of the last year. It is a list of the first sentence of the first entry at the beginning of each new month, starting with...

March 2008
"I just got back from a trip to northern Virginia—where my cousin lives with his wife and their daughter."

April 2008
"And this is my new favorite adventure."

May 2008
"These are the shoes I will wear to my doctoral graduation, and it will be hot."

June 2008
"I woke up this morning to a warm, summer breeze on my face and a soft kitty cuddled up beside me."

July 2008
"And I am sitting in my apartment, watching Ghostbusters and eating Maggie Moo's ice cream right out of the container."

August 2008
"Or are you just glad to see me?"

September 2008
"Meet the SoHo Hos"

October 2008
"Sometimes, when people ask me what I study, I want to answer: Temptation."

November 2008
"One of my dear friends just asked me if I've given up on blogging."

December 2008
"And then, when I am sitting in my office, thinking about all of the things that I have put off, I get sort of sweaty and hyperventilate-y and nervous and heart-beating-too-fast-ish."

January 2009
"This list was inspired by DH and is dedicated to E! who has been waiting very patiently for some sort of simulated entry."

February 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something about Dancing

So. I think I may have taken on more than I thought I had this semester. I am teaching three classes (Public Speaking, Persuasion, Sophistic Rhetoric-which is an independent study), and sort of sitting in on a fourth one (Feminist Rhetoric). The first two are regular classes I have taught before, so they're not anymore work than they normally would be. Persuasion is a little bit heavy on the writing and feedback, but it's nothing compared to what some of my peeps in Composition do, so you'll hear no complaints from me.

The fourth one is a small seminar, taught by a colleague, heavy on reading (especially since I am, like, the opposite of informed on several of the theorists and theories we'll be reading). It's great fun--especially hearing the comments and questions from the sharp students in there. But, again, sort of outside of the grain demanding.

Finally, the third one, the independent study, is a whole nother kind of adventure... for two reasons.

1_That guy does not miss a THING. Like, one professor/one student is hard-core, people. And one student who is, like, on the game? With questions? And sometimes calls me out for talking like a hipster? Hard Core. [Sidenote--I do not think that I can be a hipster. I am too old. I think there is an age range for hipsters, and 33-a-month-and-a-half-away-from-34 is not in it. But I am sure the student will disagree.]

2_I don't know about you, but I became adept, in grad school, at what I like to call "Judicious Skimming." I attended to the things I read in an order ranging from Hey! That Is Awesome I Will Read All About That to Um, This Is Something Dr. Knows-Some-Stuff Really Digs, So I Will Check for the Parts that Say "In Sum" and "My main propositions, therefore, are..." That careful appropriation of time and attention which worked so well in school is not going to cut it when there's just you and one Very Clever Student staring at you.

That said: I read a lot--because I like it and because it's part of the job. During the day, it's work things, and at night, I try to read things that are not as clearly related to work. Right now, it's "Dance Dance Dance" by Haruki Marukami. The Universe often demonstrates that these practical divisions I attempt to make -- day-work, night-leisure; theory-work, stories-leisure; practice-work, contemplation-leisure -- are neither hard nor fast. They are movable objects, and to do this game well, I gotta be good at movin em. With that in mind, here's some sage advice from Marukami's Sheep Man.

"Dance," said the Sheep Man. "Yougottadance. Aslongasthemusicplays. Yougottadance. Don'teventhinkwhy. Starttothink, yourfeetstop. Yourfeetstop, wegetstuck. Wegetstuck, you'restuck. Sodon't paynomind, nomatterhowdumb. Yougottakeepthestep. Yougottalimberup. Yougottaloosenwhatyouboltdown. Yougottauseallyougot. Weknowyou'retired, tiredandscared. Happenstoeveryone, okay? Justdon'tletyourfeetstop."