Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I just saw

A preview for the movie Zombie Strippers.

No. I'm not kidding.
And, Yes, when it comes out on DVD (when oh when will that be?), I will place it at the top of my Netflix queue.

Let's hear it for thinly veiled moral allegories!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just So You Know

I do work sometimes. In fact, I have been percolating on my paper for RSA this weekend because I have GOT to get it to Michael this week. So, here is the breakdown:

Body of Paper
It will be a two-part essay, discussing the potential for a responsible historical rhetoric in Second Life. The first part will be the good (focusing on the explicit/out-loudness of the rules within-world): how there are very explicit rules and boundaries within the world, how there are certain explicit ways to adapt and change those rules, and how the level of play within-world allows for a delicious bendiness to rules/boundaries that are not allowed in First World, mostly. The second part will be the bad (focusing on the prescience of good old JB): how the rules of First World are bleeding into the Second (starting with the names themselves), how the simulational capacity to devour meaning within and without the means of production are making the explicitness of Second Life's rules obsolete, and how the infiltration of things like the IRS and Microsoft and the Gap demonstrate this.

Conclusion? You betcha!
Good = revolutionary potential by rhetoric (we make the rules, we write the rules, we kick out the griefers)

Bad = JB was right--and the griefers don't always look like mad-cap hackers. Most of the time, they are wearing suits.

That being said, I make time to take ridiculous quizzes, and here are the results from a quiz designed to measure my nerdiness:

80% Geek

Because, OF COURSE, Han shot first.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh, Debates.

You should check this site when you get a chance. It's called "The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (Slight Return)," and it's moderated by Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. It's gorgeous. Thanks to my dear friend, AWS, for the link.

100 Bits

I am going to try to list 100 things about me because Matt H. is wonderful.

1) My name is Jaime Lane Wright.
2) I do not have a middle name--my first name is Jaime Lane.
3) I was born in Rockledge, FL.
4) But I grew up in Huntsville, AL.
5) I love college football for its passion.
6) And I am starting to love professional football for its good footwork (and longer season).
7) I never wanted to move to New York until I visited the campus of St. John's last February.
8) Someday, I will live on a beach.
9) My mom is my best friend.
10) I am afraid of monkeys
11) And clowns and not necessarily in that order.
12) I only watch TV shows on DVD because I haven't had cable for, like, eight years.
13) And all my favorite shows get canceled.
14) 2006 was the worst and best year of my life.
15) I wear hurty shoes as a matter of course.
16) I have been to many Civil War reenactments, but I have never been to a Renaissance Faire.
17) The apartment I live in right now is the coolest place I've ever lived.
18) Ellen Ripley is my favorite movie character of all time.
19) My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Helen Ripley.
20) I have kissed many people.
21) I wish that I could speak Swedish.
22) I am nervous about seeing you again.
23) My first dog was named Olivia Newton-John.
24) The first movie I ever saw was Star Wars.
25) I saw ET nine times in the theater.
26) The perfect cure for a hangover is a cheeseburger and a massage.
27) My sister has likened my temper to a tornado.
28) I think Myspace and Facebook are interesting for several reasons:
29) Because they allow me to get in touch with long-lost friends.
30) And they are marvelous rhetorical laboratories (for politics, the beginnings and endings of relationships, and vampires).
31) I read too much.
32) I do not like Less Than Zero
33) But I do like The Rules of Attraction.
34) Butter Pecan is my favorite ice cream flavor.
35) I have crushes all the time.
36) I took my students into Manhattan for a field trip last night. We saw the New York Neo-Futurists perform "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind," and one of the writers waved his penis around onstage. That should make for an interesting discussion Monday morning.
37) My favorite Christmas movie is either "Scrooged" or "A Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott.
38) I am obsessed with ABBA.
39) This is really hard.
40) I like people who tell good stories.
41) I love my job.
42) I wish I could tell Steve Anderson how thankful I am that I knew him.
43) I prefer gin martinis, but I drink vodka martinis because I think I may be allergic to wheat.
44) I can recite the entirety of ee cummings's "Since feeling is first."
45) I like to wear dresses.
46) I make really good spaghetti sauce.
47) I wish that I had not sold my french horn.
48) If I could go back in time, I would go to the Algonquin Hotel during the Jazz Age.
49) I have had dysentery
50 And the mumps.
51) Once, I went to Europe by myself for four weeks.
52) And my favorite city was Krakow, Poland.
53) But Amsterdam is a veryclose second.
54) Buddhism fascinates me, but I am very bad at it.
55) One of my favorite feelings in the world is this: diving into a cool body of water after a long winter. That, I think, might be the closest thing to Heaven I know.
56) Despite the fact that I am a teacher, my memory for faces and names is terrible... and that bother me quite a bit.
57) I love to curse.
58) I am a great driver,
59) But I gave my car away.
60) The subway system in New York is not as daunting as I thought it would be.
61) I am sorry that I yelled at that poor boy the other night.
62) Tonight, I am taking another class into Manhattan on a field trip--a penis-free field trip, I hope.
63) I am related to Stonewall Jackson (according to my mom).
64) My parents share a birthday--which is the day before mine.
65) My first true love was a woman.
66) I am addicted to email.
67) And the written word.
68) Sometimes, I pretend like I'm a samurai.
69) I am going to be in two graduation ceremonies this May.
70) And then I'm going to a conference in Seattle.
71) My favorite word is either salacious or shampoo.
72) I used to love Bono, but I am not so sure about that anymore.
73) And I still have not yet seen either U2 in 3-D or Across the Universe.
74) I miss Lisa Pickles.
75) Everywhere I go, I become friends with people named either Lisa, Angela, or Marc.
76) I am a good listener.
77) If I could pick a super-power, it would be telekinesis.
78) My favorite part of the multiplication table is 9.
79) I have read "The Call of the Wild" six or seven times.
80) This list has taken me days to write, and I am only on 80.
81) I don't like coffee very much, but I drink it.
82) I wish that bacon tasted as good as it smells.
83) Most of the time, I feel like an impostor.
84) I don't understand people who don't like to dance.
85) Trying to think of ways to start these statements out with something other than "I" is a challenge.
86) My grandmother was wonderful, and I miss her something awful.
87) While 2006 may have been the worst/best year of my life, last Christmas was pretty fucking bad, too.
88) Coach McGuirk, from the (canceled) show "Home Movies," is one of the most delicious characters ever invented.
89) I am suspicious of people who say they don't read fiction.
90) I am a frighteningly competitive ass.
91) Recently, I have reconnected with several people from my past, and I am glad for every single on of them.
92) I'm seriously thinking of taking those shoes back.
93) My favorite color pen is green.
94) I buy too many books.
95) I don't really like reading short stories; they feel inconsequential.
96) I am good at making people feel comfortable in social situations.
97) Sometimes, my dreams are filled with my disappearing.
98) I crave Indian food.
99) I was a good french horn player but did not believe it at the time, which sometimes makes me sad.
100) I wish I knew more about computers (but I don't wish that enough to actually study them).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One More Thing...

People being smart, resourceful, and Super-Fly-Cool all at the same time.

5 Things that are Making Me Happy

1) I just created and consumed a tasty sandwich. Now, I am a firm believer in the notion that sandwiches always taste better when they are made for you by someone who loves you. That being said, this sandwich was still damn skippy.

2) Just bought new shoes. They are gorgeous and impractical and I love them.

3) What's the temperature today, you say? Well, as a matter of fact, dear reader, it is in the high sixties. And the weekend forecast? Prediction: continued awesome and sunny.

4) I am re-reading "Symbolic Exchange and Death" and getting more out of it than I did before. Which is probably due to the fine weather and the fortifying sandwich.

5) Going to Austin in less than a month!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3rd Tokyo Argumentation Conference

I just found out that I received a summer research stipend, so I get to go to Japan in August!!! Woo Hoo!

And now I can spend the summer concentrating on reading, writing, interviews, and simulation.... not necessarily in that order. Regardless, it's wonderful news, and it makes me even more aware of how right the decision to come to St. John's was. This is a good place to be a teacher and a scholar.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I need to get a gun

Or a machete of some kind. And canned food. Lots of canned food.


Strikes against me:

1) Apparently, people living in big cities with dense populations are especially screwed in the case of The Undead Apocalypse. So, that's no good, really.
2) No car. Stupid Zombie-infested public transportation.
3) Over-reliance on grocery delivery.
4) Lack of weaponry.

Things in my favor:

1) Good situational reasoning.
2) Abiding love for All-Things-Zombie (and the associated knowledge accompanying that minor obsession).
3) Physical fitness (people probably think I started running in order to look better in a swimsuit, Ha! it was all for the zombies).
4) Good sense of direction.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monte Sano

My friend, Andrew, just posted this picture to his facebook profile. We were seventeen, and it was summer. That was a good day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Que Hora Es

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. (M, your recs are always wonderful.) I took Latin in high school (thanks, Nerdo!), but I remember my best friend, B--a very Southern, very Republican, Tennessee fan with whom I am still friends, against all odds--regaling us in the lunch room with her Spanish phrases. There is nothing as delicious as this phrase "El gato es muy grande" spoken with a thick Southern drawl.

It. Is. Awesome.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Words of Advice from a Just-Turned 33 year old

I just had one of the best birthdays ever. And I say "one of" particularly because nothing will ever compare to my tenth birthday: roller-skating party that morphed into a slumber party. It. Was. Awesome. Also, that year I got both a phone and a stereo, so distinctly I remember lying on my bed, talking on the phone, and listening to Kool and the Gang feeling very, very cool and grown up. This birthday, however, was a close second or third for these reasons:
a. I got to see my dear godmother. I haven't seen her in years, and she is wonderful. She was the person who introduced my parents to one another, and I am named after her--so she's kind of a big deal. She was in town with several members of the family. We went to Canal St. and got yummy knock-off purses (I got "Dolce and Gabbana" and "Prada").
b. Canal St. is an interesting place. There are secret ninja rooms above and beneath and behind the storefronts that various people will take you to. At those rooms, you will either be sold a handbag or into slavery (ooooh, that zeugma is for you, debbie hawhee).
c. Then we went to see "Mamma Mia," the Broadway show featuring (I kid you not) Abba songs. And it was super fun. After the show, I got to take a picture with some of the cast members because I rock like that.
d. Then I came back to Bayside, and another dear friend took me out for dinner and drinks. I wore these shoes:

And it was a yummy night all around...

I love astrology and personality tests almost as much as I love my godmother and shoes. My dear friend, AWS just blogged about the Meyers Briggs. He is an INTJ. I am an ENFP. Think what you will about Leos and Aquarians and ISTJ's, but this is super cool stuff to roll out at parties. People LOVE hearing about themselves, and if you want to impress someone, you can totally do it by talking about various and sundry personality measurements. For realious.

Thursday, April 3, 2008