Saturday, April 7, 2007

If I can make it there...

Well, you should know the rest of that little sentence. I received the contract from St. John's in the mail Thursday. So all I have to do now is sign the contract, send it back to the people, finish the dissertation, and then move to the City. That's how people in the know refer to NYC. See? I pay attention.

Am feeling a very interesting combination of cosmopolitan and terror. I will wear beautiful shoes and view many significant cultural demonstrations. I will not freeze to death in ice and snow. I will eat a variety of different ethnic foods. I will ice skate outside. I will teach Argumentation to New Yorkers. I will learn the ins and outs of public transportation. I will walk fast and with determination. I will become Citified.

1 comment:

A said...

I will be sleeping on your couch in yet another city.