Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Days Left

One week until the defense. Two weeks until the departure. Pretty soon I can start counting the wake-ups. I will miss waking up in this town, I think.

And, also, I have too many flippin' books. Am seriously considering giving everything away... except Fitzgerald. And Dickens. And maybe that one about that whale.

And I really want to keep my JB books--he and I have grown close these last few months.

And I wouldn't want Hemingway to feel left out... God forbid he have another reason to bitch.

And Jane, well, I can't leave Jane--or all the books about motives because those seem fairly perceptive. And I don't want to leave Billy Collins. I would miss him.

Never mind. I'll just give away the couches.


Anonymous said...

I have done two things this morning: written "Jaime's defense" in my calender on next Tuesday and made an Excel spread sheet with job packet enclosures. Thank GOD this "comment" is anonymous.

K. said...

More and more reasons to be thinking about Jaime. Will you be in New York on the 1st of August? Wanna have dinner with a weary traveler who just can't wait to call you "Doctor"?

james said...

Girl, I would love to have dinner with you in NYC!!!! But I will still in be in Alabama then. I am going to spend several weeks with my dear family--because I haven't seen them in, like, seven months. Which is way too long... How about we save time for dinner and drinks in Chicago? And when I come back to Austin for graduation in December? :)