Monday, January 21, 2008

It's too bad Bell Blvd. isn't there anymore

Because I drank it.

Here are the things that happened yesterday:

1) Climbed through a window at school to get into my office because all the outside doors were locked.
2) Did some work, IMed with E!, talked to some far away friends about the Giants-Packers game.
3) Went home in the frigid cold (last week, I think, I was just telling a friend that I didn't think New York winters were anything to get all bunged up about... Um, yeah, I spoke too soon.) The HIGH today is, like, 26 or something ridiculous.
4) Went to the bar at about 5:45 to catch the last quarter of the Chargers-Patriots.
5) Started drinking martinis at 6...
6) Chatted with some peeps at the bar.
7) Had some dinner with friends.
8) Drank my weight in red wine.
9) Argued with some Ukrainian about whether or not I knew football (seriously, the dude asked me if I knew what a fumble was. My response? "It's when you drop the fucking ball." He must have liked my answer because he asked me for my number. Ha!)
10) Cheered lustily when the Giants won a very exciting game!!!
11) Got walked home by my friend, T, because she was worried that I might wander off somewhere. Sometimes I do that.

Here are the things that are happening right now:
1) I am eating a pizza bagel from Bayside Milk Farm.
2) IMing with E! about wedding plans.
3) Drinking glass after glass of water (I'm a husk).
4) And thinking about you.

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