Saturday, July 26, 2008

And sometimes people get bitten by dogs

Um, so on Thursday, I got bitten by a dog. Here's a picture of the bite, right after the initial attack: Pretty gnarly, eh? I would just like you to know that I handled it like a champ. Aside from a little bit of crying, I totally cleaned up the wound and dressed it all by myself. Here is a picture of the wound today:

It seems to be healing nicely. And, in defense of the dog, he was not from around here (the sister of my downstairs neighbor was moving him to California). Woe betide Californians who are taking out the garbage some Thursday evening and come across this little guy:

The sister, on the other hand, I will not defend. Dogs who are being treated nicely and getting enough attention, mostly do not bite. And, if you happen to live with a dog who gets nervous and bites people, then you should leash that shit.

In Other News:
1) My dear friends, K & J, are in town from CA. We are doing many fun NYC things while they are here (not including getting bitten by dogs). Tomorrow, we see the Mets in Shea. Monday, we go to David Letterman (Simon Pegg from SHAUN OF THE DEAD is one of the guests, for real). And Tuesday, we see the Yankees.
2) Really really really starting to dislike Ninja Warrior. Why oh why did I think I should write about a favorite thing?
3) Tokyo is, literally, right around the corner. Dog bite and all, I am heading out of the country a week from Monday.
4) Saw "The Dark Knight" on opening night in a theater filled with Very Loud New Yorkers. The Awesome.


dhawhee said...

holy shit, that looks painful. are you going to get it double checked out??

Jessica said... that is insane. Um, you are right about nervous dogs and biting, love em or leash em. I hope you get checked out by a doctor and ask the nasty sister to ante up for a few recovery martinis or at least some triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids, and a large pizza with extra toppings.