Friday, April 2, 2010

Dust and New Beginnings

Yesterday, I was walking to meet a friend for movie-time. We saw Greenberg, and, contrary to popular expectation, I really enjoyed it. I missed this Noah Baumbach--the one who wrote "Kicking and Screaming," one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES EVAR--and it is good to see him again. In fact, instead of reading the rest of this entry, go watch "Kicking and Screaming." Like, right now. It's available Instantly on Netflix, and it will speak to you. I promise.*

So. On the way to this movie that is about realizing some things that one should have realized a long time ago, and then forgiving oneself for the slowness of realizing those things, and then recognizing the delicious gifts that live in both forgiveness and realization, I saw an ice cream truck. Usually, those things scare me a bit. Not as much as clowns, but still. They play creepy music, they contain multiple temptations for children who run at them mindlessly, they are often driven by people who may or may not be as-yet-uncaught serial killers (Dexter, anyone?).

For some reason, on this sunny day, to see this secret surprise movie with this dear boy, instead of walking rapidly away from the ice-cream-truck-driver/as-yet-uncaught-serial-killer, I stopped and looked at him. The boy driving it smiled at me, and said, "Beautiful day, beautiful lady." And then he gave me a FREE rocket pop.

That is a good day, my friends. Dusting off old favorites in new forms, meeting up with new favorites in old forms, and free ice cream. Welcome, Spring. It is good to see you again. For the first time.

*Seriously. Why are you still reading? WATCH THE MOVIE.

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