Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My friend, Thinh, recently posted a youtube clip that makes me wonder, "Who needs 24-Hour Fitness when you have post-apocalyptic, urban hellholes?"
Here's another bit that is cool in a variety of ways--lots of neat physicality with just a touch of simulation. But I think, if you were training to be a Ninja, there would need to be more killing...

Also, I kinda wonder why mental workouts never make it onto youtube. Where are the dissertation defenses, the chess games, the physics problems solved? Dudes without shirts always get more airtime.


Nuge said...

That Ninja Warriors bit is hilarious. Especially the commentator. He's dead on.

james said...

I know! What a great job--I could totally do that job. He's way less annoying than Simon Seacrest--and wearing less makeup, to boot.