Monday, March 26, 2007

Traveling vs. Moving

I have been thinking lots about traveling lately. I think that moving and traveling are different things: Traveling makes you world-aware, but Moving makes you self-centered. And so I am worried about the new city and the old love and the ways in which those things will work--when I am moving to another place... will I be a Traveler or will I just Move?

I can see the worries manifesting themselves in my writing--discussing identification and definition, I find myself waxing sentimental--which is the opposite of good in an academic work. Actually, waxing sentimental is annoying in alot of places. Moving makes you self-centered.

And then I heard from a good friend this morning--one of her family members died last night, suddenly, and in terrible circumstances. Before I went to bed, I saw that I had missed her calls. And, thinking to myself, "I am weary with worry, and tired of words--I'll call her tomorrow." And I went to bed.

Moving makes you self-centered.


Nuge said...

What if you thought of moving as if it were traveling, but with a lot of luggage?

Or is it the baggage that keeps one from being world aware?

james said...

I think that's a good combo--paying attention to the world while still carrying your favorite shoes. I honestly don't know how much fun traveling would be without my favorite pair of shoes. Or my five favorite pairs of shoes.

I think you may be right about the baggage, man...