Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The St. John's library lady, wonderful and helpful, is talking about all the online and physical resources of the St. John's Library. But all I can think about (other than my desperate need for a nap) is this:

The 3rd Tokyo Conference on Argumentation
Sponsored by the Japan Debate Association

Conference Theme: Argumentation, the Law, and Justice
Keynotes : David B. Hingstman, JD and PhD
Japanese keynote speaker to be announced


The 3rd Tokyo Conference on Argumentation will be held August 8-10, 2008, in Tokyo, Japan. The conference is sponsored by the Japan Debate Association (JDA). The conference is designed to encourage exchanges of views on the theory, practice and instruction of argumentation across the disciplines. Presentations related to the convention theme "Argumentation, the Law & Justice" are encouraged, but proposals are not restricted to it.
Potential topics of interest include: argumentation and rhetoric, forensic pedagogy, the philosophy and psychology of reasoning, practical studies, and studies of historical argumentative texts. Qualified papers will appear in our Proceedings to be distributed at the Conference.

On-line submission of abstracts will be accepted starting November 16, 2006. Submit your title, affiliation and abstract (200-300 words) by January 15, 2008, on our web site at:

Acceptance will be notified by February 15, 2008. Accepted authors who wish to have their papers considered for publication in the Proceedings must submit full manuscript by May 15, 2008. If you have questions, please contact Planning Committee
Chair Takeshi Suzuki, Dept. of English, Tsuda College, Tokyo, 2-1-1 Tsudamachi, Kodaira, Tokyo 187-8577, Japan, or send your question at:

Anybody wanna go to Japan?


smartypants said...

I believe there is a crew brewing to to Steffensmeier. I am thinking about it very seriously...

james said...

Girl, think of all the wonderful sushi. It would be an injustice to the world if Longhorns didn't make a serious effort to represent.