Friday, October 5, 2007

Taking the train to North Cacky Lacky

Am going home this weekend--yea, the South! I am taking the train from Penn Station all the way down into the Piedmont. Below is a list of possible train-travel-related events:

1) The "Denying the Laws of Physics" Possibility: When a wireless network is detected, will I be able to check my email before we Speed out of range?
2) The "Agatha Christie" Moment: Will there be a mysterious/possibly homicidal maniac in the bar car?
3) The Sandwich Debate: Should I bring turkey or tuna fish?
4) The "Andele, Andele" Concern: Will I make it to the (freakishly early) train on time to check my baggage?
5) The "To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question" Discussion: Will I actually write my genre paper, or will I read the Neal Stephenson book that my friend loaned me instead?
6) The "Seat Partners" Dilemma: Who will be sitting next to me on the ride down? A charming, witty, handsome professor of Economics or the creepy, handsy guy from Eurotrip (Mi Scusi!)?
7) The "Fall that was Promised" Conspiracy: When I get back to NY, will it feel like fall or will it continue to feel like hot, humid Texas (i.e. when will I actually get to wear my new sweater dress)?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!
1) no
2) yes - but you can take him, with the help of the travelling butler
3) turkey - tuna will not travel well
4) eh yes, but you will stress about it until the train slowly and stedily pulls out (with you in it)
5) wow. really no. I mean yes to the Stephenson thing.
6) Neither: the lady from Snelville, GA who unfortunately will tell you about her grand daughter who's a freshman in college. But she will have snack to share.
7)at NCA

Stacie Styles said...

You have some movies for the train, right?

dhawhee said...

definitely no on number one unless the stop is 10-15 minutes long. i've tried it repeatedly, and it's never worked. but it's exciting to try.