Friday, October 12, 2007

Results of Train Experiments

I just remembered that I never provided any conclusion to the possible train-travel-related events mentioned in a previous post, and, since I am mostly a fan of a satisfying denouement, I am going to do so now.
1) The "Denying the Laws of Physics" Possibility: When a wireless network is detected, will I be able to check my email before we Speed out of range?--- Um, no. And I may have messed up my computer's ability to detect wireless networks within range because I am a spazz. So, bad idea all around, apparently.
2) The "Agatha Christie" Moment: Will there be a mysterious/possibly homicidal maniac in the bar car?--- Luckily (or sadly, as the case may be) I was unable to detect any homicidal mania either in or near the bar car, so I never got to test my mettle in that way. My mettle was tested, however, by the vomiting baby--her mom had given her a lunch of hot dogs and Yoohoo earlier that day. Bad planning, I think. But after the sickness drama, me and the baby got to run up and down the train car, laughing... which was super-fun.
3) The Sandwich Debate: Should I bring turkey or tuna fish?--- I ended up taking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a New York magazine, the NY Times, and several pieces of fruit. They were delicious.
4) The "Andele, Andele" Concern: Will I make it to the (freakishly early) train on time to check my baggage?--- Totally.
5) The "To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question" Discussion: Will I actually write my genre paper, or will I read the Neal Stephenson book that my friend loaned me instead?--- Nope. But I thought very hard about it. :)
6) The "Seat Partners" Dilemma: Who will be sitting next to me on the ride down? A charming, witty, handsome professor of Economics or the creepy, handsy guy from Eurotrip (Mi Scusi!)?--- Neither the handsy guy nor the professor made an appearance. But I met the cute/vomity baby, a nice older lady from NC who square dances, a Mom from Iraq with her two sweet boys, a graphic designer on his way to a presentation in Richmond (we chatted about performed masculinity and its boundaries), and a lovely Spanish lady en route to visit her mom.
7) The "Fall that was Promised" Conspiracy: When I get back to NY, will it feel like fall or will it continue to feel like hot, humid Texas (i.e. when will I actually get to wear my new sweater dress)?--- It was SUPER hot in NC. But today is a gorgeous, crisp, breezy fall day. Sweater dress is coming out on Monday, baby.

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