Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Form of: An Abyss

I could write something about how disappointed I am that the Clintons continue their devastation of the Democratic party (and any chances it might have of putting a sort-of-left-thinking-person in the Oval Office). But instead, I will just post a link to this eerily prescient analogy between Hillary Clinton and "Scream"'s Billy Loomis. Politics is a horror movie, people.

On another (and more hopeful) note, I was just re-watching the scene from "Once" in which the main characters are sitting in the piano shop, singing "Falling Slowly." And it makes me feel better about several things--politics (for no real reason), the possibility of love (abyss included), the impossibility of love (and how accidentally/possibly finding yourself In It may not always Be So Bad), the ephemeral quality of real connection (beautiful and momentary like lightning bugs or Christmas lights or a really cold, super-delicious martini), the fact that ephemerality makes those moments good (because watching lightning bugs in summer trees is even better than Christmas lights and martinis put together).


Jess (No Hate) said...

Now don't go spilling your guilt all over Hillary. Being female and white and smart and fortunate (as well as genuinely fucked up and corrupt) doesn't make her evil (hush hush, hear me out). It makes her...well, us. I'm just saying. The reflection is fucking blinding and that's why people can't stand to look at her.

I've got too many friends talking shit about Clinton just because Barack knows the words to three U2 songs and didn't vote for the war in Iraq. Let us remember that Clinton COULD win the nomitation (unfortunately) and that fencers will recall the bad shit spread about Hillary and vote for Old Father Time. And don't fucking tell me you'd go Nader if Hillary is the nominee...we could no longer be friends if you vote independent in the next election. SJT- one step at a time, baby. Hey- I have a many evangelicals (I mean socialists) does it take to fuck up an election? :)

james said...

Ha! I got your guilt right here, chica... God forbid another Holy Establishment Election get fucked up by people wanting something different.

If Clinton wins the nomination, here are Two Good Things: 1) I can spend November 4 doing something other than voting -- because a President McCain and yet another President Clinton would be the same person, basically. Well, one would have a vagina. And (2) should that day come, you and I can both rest easy in the knowledge that the Illuminati have everything under control.

james said...

On a side note--"Old Father Time" made me laugh out loud. Boo, Nader.

Jess said...

Vagina + illuminati + martini = ONE HELL OF A PARTY! Can I come?

Bring it on my delicious friend. :) FYI- I like the HEE (holy est. elect) are so right on. Assholes. I will disagree on McCain and Clinton being the same, though. Similar on some items- yes. But far from the same on many issues.