Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am sitting in E!'s office

And she has told me to post something about being in a surly mood. I think that I am in a surly mood for these reasons:

1) Graduation and all the parties are over, so everybody has gone back to their regular programming. I hate endings.
2) It is as HOT as the sun in Austin today, and all of the cars that I have been riding in do not have functioning air conditioners. My dear friend TS once remarked about Austin--"You get used to the feeling of your own sweat." So, I am becoming reacquainted with the feeling of being very, very sweaty.
3) I have not actually finished either of the papers that I am presenting this weekend in Seattle, and I do not want to write them still.
4) I miss people I should not miss more than I should.
5) Stupid conventional expectations of "how things should be" are upsetting several people that I love alot.
6) There are several weirdly tall condo building in downtown Austin that were not there last fall. Austin, I worry, is rapidly becoming more and more like Dallas, south. Boo yuppie condos.

But, as I am typing this rather douchey post, I am thinking of the things that make me feel that the surly may be leaving pretty soon:
1) I am spending the afternoon with E!
2) Central air is delicious.
3) I am about to see a penis on the big screen--we are going to the Alamo Drafhouse momentarily to watch "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Also, there will be fried pickles.
4) This weekend will be filled with more wonderful reunions and dinners.
5) I just bought airplane tickets to visit my dear mom in June.
6) Tokyo, like a gorgeous beacon, stands ready and waiting.

So, all in all, this surly too shall pass.

I think.

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Steve the Weave said...

awesome i bet you are awesome surly i don't think you have been that way at STJ.

did you know you are less than 1 mile from our friend michael o'connell? You should say hello we spoke on the phone today.