Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Westbound and Down

Seriously, I woke up this morning (at 5 AM) (before the alarm) because I am so very excited about going to Austin. Also, I cannot get the Jerry Reed song out of my head--which is my fault, I'll admit.

Updates from the JetBlue waiting spot here at JFK:

-People are eating pizza at 8:30AM.

-Some dude wearing an Alabama t-shirt just strolled by. Roll Tide, big guy.

-Got felt up by the security people because I kept beeping when I walked through the metal detector thing. Realized, belatedly, that it was my IPod, carefully stashed in my decolletage. I keep things there--keys, phone, IPod, rings when I'm getting a manicure, credit cards, money. Not all at the same time, people...

-Now I kinda want pizza at 8:30AM.

-Am hoping that the Big Thunderstorms predicted in TX do not delay my flight. I love thunder storms except (a) when I am in a big steel tube in the sky; (b) I am wanting to go swimming at Barton Springs; (c) I am in a flood zone; (d) I am wanting to get to Austin on time.

-The second paper I am supposed to deliver at RSA is not even begun. That's professional.

-There is a man wearing jams.

-I packed nine (or possibly ten) pairs of shoes and four different books. I do not know where and when I will wear/read all of those things, but now, should that time arise, I will be prepared.

-People in airports are always so surprised when I smile at them. That is kind of sad.

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