Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ominous weather reports

Lurk around every page on the web. I am sitting at home, watching "Pride and Prejudice," eating Oreos, recovering from whatever long-lasting mystery illness this is that I have, and thinking about snow in MARCH.

I was talking to a friend earlier today, who said that he is amused by my choice to blame for the meteorological ills visited upon this city. And, I'll admit, it is maybe a strange way to direct my anger. I mean, I went to Ash Wednesday service and got all ashed up (because I do so love that service--it is a good moment in the Christian calendar, filled with redemption and grace and earthiness and re-memory). I sit (because I like the Buddhist idea of practicing things--practicing debate by doing debate, practicing sweeping by doing sweeping, practicing forgiveness by doing forgiveness, practicing practice by doing practice). I talk to the Goddess (because I think she is angry at being almost-erased, and I think she answers many questions the traditional christian church would otherwise like to ignore).

Along those same lines, I blame for the weather. If we are talking post-structuralist physics here (and, really people, when it comes to weather, we are), I might as well look to the web-site as the site-of-invention. They say we'll have snow, and maybe we will. They say the groundhog saw his shadow, and maybe he did. They say spring is a distant, forgotten future, and perhaps it is. But here's the thing--we buy it. We grant them the burden of proof... and they are more than willing to carry it. So, along with all the neat-o graphics and the various color-coded cloud schemes and the Local Alerts for Bayside, we grant them the power to shape our tomorrow morning. And, to me, that's faith.

So here's to you, Bring it.

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