Sunday, June 20, 2010

Learning from James

Last week, I posted a list of things I learned from my mom. Today, in honor of fathers everywhere, and Daddy in particular, I am posting some pearls of wisdom gleaned from James, the patriarch of Team Wright.

1) College football is worth the heartache.

2) Poetry and science are more closely related than you think.

3) Impermanence makes everything possible.

4) Always dress for dinner.

5) Pray.

6) The people that you love should be certain of your love for them, so never go to sleep or leave the house angry.

7) Good shorts can last a lifetime. Literally.

8) Not all the rides at Disney World are Small World. Space Mountain is for serious.

9) Good books are worth reading again and again.

10) Southern women are the bomb.

11) Dancing is good for the soul.

12) Three tasks any self-respecting human being should be able to accomplish are these: cook a superb steak, make a solid cup of coffee, and mix a powerful martini. If you can do these things well, Goodness will Follow.

Thanks, Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Re: #12 - More blatant vegetariaphobia. The stigma under which so many live becomes all the more oppressive. :P