Friday, June 11, 2010

Learning from Warrene

I haven't posted a list in a while, and I was thinking about my mom and how much I am looking forward to seeing her in July. So. Below I compiled a few lessons she imparted to me over the years. She knows some things about some things.

Twelve Things Warrene Wants You To Know:

1) The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

2) Be as kind to the lunch lady as you are to the president of your school.

3) Eyelash curlers may look very scary, but they do good work.

4) Cuddling, back scratches, and arm tickles aren’t just for the dog.

5) Reading makes the time pass quickly on road trips, but sometimes you need to put the book down and look out the window.

6) Brie is for breakfast.

7) Those heels look really, really yummy on you.

8) Movies and sermons make for productive, spicy brunch discussions.

9) Coconut cream pie makes every holiday better.

10) If you read a good book, don’t hog it—share it with someone you love.

11) The teacher isn’t always right.

12) Call your mother. She loves you.

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