Thursday, June 28, 2007

Never fly Northwest

Alright, I got the apartment, so I was specially touched by the good karma fairy this trip. It is beautiful! Hard wood floors, near school and cool restaurants/bars, a little yard with trees. Awesome.

Here's the newest news, though. Apparently, the weather has decided that I should be a New Yorker NOW. My flight home last night was canceled, so I got a flight home this morning... which was also canceled. Not-so-Awesome.

Perhaps I can defend my dissertation via Skype.


Nuge said...

While we lived in the Northwest, we began to prefer Frontier Airlines. I mean, there was a big animal painted on the plane.

james said...

I must say, in defense of Northwest--although they are crazy with the cancellations (maybe because of that), they are very good at reaccomodation. So, even though I had to ride buses all around NY/NJ yesterday (I ended up flying out of Newark), they were very helpful at getting me home as soon as possible. Some people I talked to at the airport told me that they couldn't get flights home until, like, Saturday... which is no good.