Sunday, June 17, 2007

Re-watching movies I didn't like the first time

The ending of Heat would have been a whole lot cooler (not to mention, more honest) if Bobby DeNiro and Al Pacino had made out. I mean, their characters are totally gay for each other... which seems to be a theme in Michael Mann's movies: crazy amounts of homoerotic sexual tension, very little payoff.

I'm just sayin.


Nuge said...

I think his movies often show men's relationships with their jobs over personal relationships and the fine line that divides them.

So I don't think they ever would have made out in the end, even if they were gay.

What would be consistent with Mann's themes is if they were doing it all through the movie, yet had to shoot each other in the end - because it was their job, which is ultimately what their life is about and what they are better at.

You might be more content watching Brokeback to the Future.

Rodrigo said...
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james said...

The fact that Mann is showing men's "relationships with their jobs" over personal relationships might not, as you say, be gay. But, interestingly enough, the jobs that all of these men prefer to have relationships with are predominantly male-oriented--they work around, between, and with other men, they prefer those environments to more "feminized" worlds, and then they can't perform in the feminized worlds. If they were, like, florists, then maybe it would work. imho.

Also, please forgive my rampant overgeneralizations--I kinda know that there are a wide variety of different interpretations.

It still would have been hotter if they had made out, instead of just holding hands. (Which they totally do, man!!!!!!)

Nuge said...

What makes a job "male-oriented"? Or why are men attracted to certain kinds of jobs?

To rampantly overgeneralize, if skill on a job is more important than a personal relationship, the job is likely more attractive to men. This results in the environment becoming male-dominated.

Most men are good at doing things that require them to compartmentalize their emotions.

Sometimes this is to the detriment of personal relationships. Mann's movies show the extreme side because the men always fail in their relationships outside their jobs.

The focus on only the job and doing only the job well works for being, say, a dependable or efficient shipper, assassin, getaway driver, bank robber, or taxi driver - all of which have been example roles in Mann's movies.

Mann depicts the world of men, and it is, in my opinion, unflattering, especially to women, so I can see why you wouldn't like his movies, or at least "Heat."

But as unflattering as this world is, it is real in showing how a man is isolated even within it, yet still drawn to it.

If you haven't seen "Collateral," it is an even better example of what I'm talking about.

james said...

You're so dear.

I have seen Collateral. My mom loves it. I'm not a fan. I sort of fell asleep.

I love "Miami Vice," though. So many pretty boys and pretty boats and pretty beaches. Mmmmmm, Jamie Fox and beaches...

Nuge said...

Tell me I'm dear.... You know how to shut me up, don't you? See, I live in a feminized world.

james said...

And you're totally good at it, thank God. You, unlike the gay-bi-gay-gay characters of Michael Mann films, can move seamlessly from world to world... like a dear, gender-sensitive ninja. :)