Sunday, June 24, 2007

Start Spreading the News

I am in New York right now--looking for apartments. Tomorrow I have a couple of appointments to see some places, so cross yer fingers.

Also, aside from the apartment-hunting plan, I wanted to meet a New York cop, so we went to a towny-looking Irish bar on Bell Blvd. And, who should we meet at the towny-looking Irish bar but a New York cop! How cool is that? Actually, the New York cop wasn't so much fun (cute but SUPER drunk, so the fact that he may be a close-talker in real life was exponentially multiplied by, like, seven thousand bud lights). Close-talkin-drunk guy did have a very nice friend. We talked about Billy Bragg and growing up in the eighties.

So, two things down.

Tomorrow evening we go to Manhattan for dinner and martinis.


Nuge said...

Fingers crossed

james said...

You have such good voo-doo... I totally got the cutest apartment--close to school, hard wood floors, not-too-expensive, near trains and all sorts of mass transit bits. I'm gonna call you when I buy a house. :) You guys should come visit. We'll go see a Mets game.