Monday, November 17, 2008

Flu shots

So, the weather people at think that there may be snow in the forecast for beautiful Queens, NY... which I am excited about for a couple of reasons. First, several dear friends (Hello, E! I can't believe you're going to NCA without me!!!) are headed to San Diego this week for a conference, and I am not going. I am sad about that, mostly, but, the prospect of snow makes it feel not-so-sad. Second, snow (or even the chance of snow) means I get to put on my kicky red snow boots. And that is always a bonus.

Speaking of and red boots and snow and long-distance-friend-monitoring, my mom is totally stalking me. (Hi, Mom!) She sent me an email today in which she mentioned the location of my friendly neighborhood flu shot clinic. She found it on favorite website. I think that is sort of amazing and touching and creepy, all-at-once. Amazing and touching--because my mom is awesome and she is a master of the Interwebs and she cares about my health. Creepy--because it reminds me of all the things that people who are maybe not so interested in my health can learn about me via the Interwebs and zip codes. That's a heebie jeebie moment, right there.

I will get the flu shot, Mom. And thanks for all the stalking.


Angela said...

It's good to know that some things don't change. You may be far away, and there may be advanced technology involved, but your Mom knows good and well that you will not, of your own volition, just go get a flu shot. I made my girls get a flu mist. In their nose. Someday I will electronically stalk them to insure that they continue this practice.

james said...

That's because you were raised right, A.

Tera said...

I would say no to the flu shot. In my experience they just make me sicker. Or more susceptible. It is my theory that they weaken your immune system, so while you may be protected from a few strains of Influenza A, you will be less protected from other illnesses that might wreak havoc upon your body. Just sayin'. You make your own choice, though.