Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Almost Birthday, SimulateThis!

This blog was born on February 16, 2006. In honor of that event, here is a rundown of the last year. It is a list of the first sentence of the first entry at the beginning of each new month, starting with...

March 2008
"I just got back from a trip to northern Virginia—where my cousin lives with his wife and their daughter."

April 2008
"And this is my new favorite adventure."

May 2008
"These are the shoes I will wear to my doctoral graduation, and it will be hot."

June 2008
"I woke up this morning to a warm, summer breeze on my face and a soft kitty cuddled up beside me."

July 2008
"And I am sitting in my apartment, watching Ghostbusters and eating Maggie Moo's ice cream right out of the container."

August 2008
"Or are you just glad to see me?"

September 2008
"Meet the SoHo Hos"

October 2008
"Sometimes, when people ask me what I study, I want to answer: Temptation."

November 2008
"One of my dear friends just asked me if I've given up on blogging."

December 2008
"And then, when I am sitting in my office, thinking about all of the things that I have put off, I get sort of sweaty and hyperventilate-y and nervous and heart-beating-too-fast-ish."

January 2009
"This list was inspired by DH and is dedicated to E! who has been waiting very patiently for some sort of simulated entry."

February 2009

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Matt Hollowell said...

That is just awesome and strangely insightful.