Monday, February 16, 2009

As of Today,

This blog is 2 years old. Hooray, Birth Days!

I know that I came to this blogging thing late--as can be seen in the turn, recently, among some of my blog-eagues (forgive me the ridiculous neo-logism--it won't happen again). There is a turn, it seems, to stop blogging, in favor of facebook status updates and Twitter and, um, other things that I am too much of a late adopter to name. But I like it. And I'm gonna keep doing it.

Well. As long as it's fun. And it doesn't start to feel like work. And there are things I want to tell you. And nothing else distracts me... Because then I might stop.

No promises here, really.

But I did want to note the Birth Day. So. As of Today, this Blog is putting on her Business Socks... and you know when she's down to her socks what time it is.


David said...

That's why they're called business socks.

I knew where that link would go, but I followed it anyway. And so, many youtube clips later, I have been re-acquainted with the FOTC oeuvre. Ah well, it's certainly not the worst way I've frittered away an evening.

Stimulating Pixels said...

I'm in favor of your continued blogging.

Facebook and its ilk feel like having a conversation in a team meeting or lecture hall. Quick points and reactions.

Personal blog posts feel more like having a conversation at home. Or, maybe, having a few drinks with friends on a patio somewhere. More time to think and ruminate.

Both environments serve their purposes, but participating in one tends not to satisfy the same things as the other.