Friday, February 20, 2009

Things that have been happening that I may or may not have noticed

1) My dear friend was really sick and was in the hospital and I didn't even know it until today. He is at home now, getting better, and I am glad.

2) Got roller skates and went roller skating outdoors twice with another friend. I need to get wrist-guards.

3) Went to a debate tournament last weekend in Cornell with St John's Debate Society. Two teams got to quarter finals and one made it to semis. Nationals are in a month!!! (But I will not be there because I will be at the beach with E!)

4) Am fixin to start beginning the process of thinking about packing for my upcoming move. Yech.

5) My little stone elephant that Amy got me for a birthday years ago fell off her perch at school and now she (the elephant, not the Amy) has no nose. :(

6) Am going to DC today to visit with my favorite cousin, Lily. Also, am looking forward to seeing her dear parents.

7) It is much colder today than I thought it would be. I wish I had worn tights.

8) Oh My God with the grading.

9) Made reservations at a swank hotel for my dear E!'s bachelorette party in May. There will be champagne, oh yes.

10) Am going to be interviewed for PYDK, a podcast instigated and maintained by another E I know. I guess the interview will be posted sometime next week?

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E said...

Hi everyone, I'm E. The interview will be posted Tuesday, and she's going to be FAAAABULOUS.