Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zombie Haiku of the Day

Last year, my friend M sent me a book called "Zombie Haiku" by this dude named Ryan Mecum. The premise of the book is that a bad-poet-turned-effective-zombie journals about his undead experiences.

Here's the sad part. I totally lost that book for, like, months. But then I moved and What ho! She is found again!

Here's the happy part. In honor of the finding, and of the move, and of the new-apartment awesomeness, I will share two of my favorites with you:

Blood is really warm.
It's like drinking hot chocolate,
but with more screaming.


They are so lucky
That I cannot remember
How to use doorknobs.

It's funny because it's true, son.


Matt Hollowell said...

umm...this is totally awesome. And I will be finding that book. When the zombies come for me, I'd like a short bit of Art to remember them by.

james said...

I know, right?!?!? Art is the best rememory device we have, I think. Also. I have missed you, dear friend. I hope you and your family are well.

Matt Hollowell said...

perhaps there is a Truth in here somewhere... Zombies want brains b/c they (zombies) lack the creative capacity (Art). (wo)man is God's image=(wo)man is part creator; zombies are zombies as they have lost the Art and misunderstand where the Art comes from (brain vs. soul, as if we ourselves understand). So a zombie is one who has lost the capacity for creation and will forever feed off of others'. Nah, something just isn't right here. Will try again later...I miss using your blog as a brainstorming space, working out my own issues.

miss you more than your space, though.

Matt Hollowell said...

And that previous comment is what happens when your daughter is supposed to be in the car on the road to her grandparents house, but instead she is sitting in your office, eating lunch on an upside-down laundry basket, chanting 'I want Dora' in a very mantra-like repetition, while you are trying to focus on work (like, the work you get paid to do). It's been that kind of day, so apologies for the zombie/God conundrum. There ain't no figuring that out. At least now the zombies won't come for me; my brain isn't worth the effort these days.