Monday, April 28, 2008

Just So You Know

I do work sometimes. In fact, I have been percolating on my paper for RSA this weekend because I have GOT to get it to Michael this week. So, here is the breakdown:

Body of Paper
It will be a two-part essay, discussing the potential for a responsible historical rhetoric in Second Life. The first part will be the good (focusing on the explicit/out-loudness of the rules within-world): how there are very explicit rules and boundaries within the world, how there are certain explicit ways to adapt and change those rules, and how the level of play within-world allows for a delicious bendiness to rules/boundaries that are not allowed in First World, mostly. The second part will be the bad (focusing on the prescience of good old JB): how the rules of First World are bleeding into the Second (starting with the names themselves), how the simulational capacity to devour meaning within and without the means of production are making the explicitness of Second Life's rules obsolete, and how the infiltration of things like the IRS and Microsoft and the Gap demonstrate this.

Conclusion? You betcha!
Good = revolutionary potential by rhetoric (we make the rules, we write the rules, we kick out the griefers)

Bad = JB was right--and the griefers don't always look like mad-cap hackers. Most of the time, they are wearing suits.

That being said, I make time to take ridiculous quizzes, and here are the results from a quiz designed to measure my nerdiness:

80% Geek

Because, OF COURSE, Han shot first.


Robero said...

I tried to get on Second Life to see what this whole thing was--but then I realized that my old laptop computer didn't have a powerful enough video card...

All of this and can you believe that I was only a 63% geek? That's right babes... I'm 17% cooler than you.

A.W.S. said...

Shocking, I'm sure, but according to this quiz, I'm 95% geek.

I'll give you an answer to one, I'm guessing you missed.

Who created this: /(bb|[^b]{2})/

The thing at the end is called a "regular expression" which is used to match patterns in text. Bare with me for a few moments, and I think you'll enjoy the answer.

First, here's a break down of the expression and the question it's asking:

/ = starts the expression

( = starts a grouping to be searched

bb = is looking for two "b"s in a row

| = means "or"

[^b] = means anything that is not a "b"

{2} = means two of whatever comes before it

) = closes the grouping search

/ = closes the regular expression

So, you are looking for something that is either two "b"s or something that is not two "b"s. In other words, "To be, or not to be".

Some geeks even get their own Shakespeare Regular Expression tee shirts.

Robero said...


james said...

My dear boys...

Robero: before you start crowing about all your coolness, let's just remember that it's all fun and games until someone gets eaten by zombies.

AWS: poetry in the key of HTML is hot.

Anonymous said...

Major shout-out to AWS. Nerds are hot! BTW, are you gonna watch james and me walk across the stage on 5/17 or what? Buy a ticket, man! get thee to Austin. ~ Johanna

A.W.S. said...

Sorry to say I'm gonna have to miss the walk. Congrats to you both and we'll have to meet up in N.Y. sometime so I can buy some celebratory drinks.