Monday, April 14, 2008

I need to get a gun

Or a machete of some kind. And canned food. Lots of canned food.


Strikes against me:

1) Apparently, people living in big cities with dense populations are especially screwed in the case of The Undead Apocalypse. So, that's no good, really.
2) No car. Stupid Zombie-infested public transportation.
3) Over-reliance on grocery delivery.
4) Lack of weaponry.

Things in my favor:

1) Good situational reasoning.
2) Abiding love for All-Things-Zombie (and the associated knowledge accompanying that minor obsession).
3) Physical fitness (people probably think I started running in order to look better in a swimsuit, Ha! it was all for the zombies).
4) Good sense of direction.


Robero said...

Man... I only have a 24% chance... Remember me fondly.

A.W.S. said...

In the event of Z-day, try to make it down here. I've got a 78% chance of survival.

guns: check

baseball bat, crowbar, machete: check, check, check. Also, golf clubs.

molotov cocktail knowledge and ingredients: check

No chainsaw, but surprisingly that wasn't on the checklist.

Dr. Juice said...

Uh, well, I have a %43 percent chance. I think I'm not supposed to look lovingly into the eyes of my former-cum-zombie lover before I blow their head off. I've always been a romantic . . . .

james said...

Robero--I've got faith in your survival instinct. Plus, Poets must survive... to tell the story.

AWS--Save a place for me in the panic room. I will be there.

Dr. JJ--You are such a Ridiculous Romantic, which is why you're so adorable. Honestly, I was tempted to look lovingly into the seductive eyes of death, too, until I saw the blood-stained teeth right underneath them.