Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not too long ago,

In a galaxy not so far away, one of my [many] crushes told me, "james, you are a drag queen trapped in the body of a woman." And I could not agree more.

I don't know where the deviance began, really. It might have been with my early and heady love affair with words (most of which were penned and claimed by men). Or maybe it was the strong and powerful women in my life--who did all sorts of strong and powerful things while wearing awesome shoes. Perhaps it was John Missile, my toddler friend, whose ability to pee standing up (and completely destroy rooms in his parents' house without getting yelled at) made me so jealous that I turned pink.

Whatever it was, I was always interested in playing "both" sides, if you will. And I don't mean that in a dirty way (naughty reader), I mean it in a nimble way. I enjoyed (and still do) the surprise/dismay/disapprobation on people's faces when I did or said something that went against their soul-crushing, body-torturing, mind-numbing social restrictions.

Choosing a career in the academy, in a field dominated by men? That seems to be a part of the trend. Living alone in a bag "scary" city, and being pretty jazzed about it? Again, part of the trend. My relentless crush on Neil Patrick Harris? Totes.

Speaking of Doogie, here's another aspect of my drag-ness: I am drawn to people who are different varieties of bendy--sometimes out loud (like dear NPH), and sometimes more quietly... the people whom I most admire are almost always in disguise. And, contrary to most of Western philosophical thought, I don't think that's an automatic and unmitigated bad thing.

[Quick sidenote: of course, this isn't always easy, and there have been heartbreaks because of it. That being said, though, Breaking Big Rules and Being Heroic are intimately related. And, as we all know, heroes are sort of made to be broken. Poor heroes.]

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is some delicious bendiness:

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Matt Hollowell said...

"the people whom I most admire are almost always in disguise."

by the way, I love this quote and am co-opting it. totally stealing it for some yet-unknown purpose.

and certainly God knew what he was doing when constructing James, this fe/male warrior of the Mind. you're beautiful, strong, driven, rock-hard, passionate, with a great style (I think of you often when walking my daughter through the shoe department and I spot something beautiful/strong/driven/rock-hard/passionate). you are oh-so-empathetic with a bit of a violent streak. you love language while unabashedly tearing it apart. in a word, you're bendy (yah, stealing that one too), and I am so glad that you are!

yah, Jamie is an elusive trip, and you make this ever-alien-present much more fun.