Sunday, December 14, 2008

What grace is given me

It's Hobbit Day in New York, and we are spending some time in Middle-Earth. A wonderful way to rest and rejuvenate at the end of the semester, Hobbit Day was sort of invented by several dear friends at Texas. Watching these movies, listening to the language, witnessing the gorgeousness of the imagery and the magnitude of such an undertaking--makes me happy. And sad, too.

Because I am missing Austin very much today. I miss my intrepid fellow-Hobbit freak and that tall Californian. I miss snarky comments about the mention of October in a story far from Julian calendars. I miss smiling summaries of the Lord of the Ring: "some super old guy falls down a hole; chaos ensues." I miss the comfort of Hobbit Day and the projector. I miss the crepes and the declaration that Samwise is, in fact, the MVP!

Here in NYC, Hobbit Day has taken on a different character, but the history is still there, coloring new faces, new scenes, new commentary with grace--both given and received.

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