Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love you best of all, The Wire.

But, even in the most loving of relationships, there are bumpy times. Right now is one of them. I am currently watching Season 5, and honestly, The Wire, I am sort of angry with you for several reasons which I have thoughtfully listed below.

-I do not like Marlo, and I fear that he will win.
-I do not like McNulty, and I fear that he will win.
-I gotta baaaaaaaaaaaad feelin about Omar, my favorite avenging angel.
-The end is coming. I can feel it, and I generally frown upon things that end.
-You are making me have creepy drug culture, police home invasion nightmares. Seriously, I am awake right now because I woke up convinced that marauders were in my house looking for some sort of stash.
-I miss Stringer.
-I could not figure out a way to incorporate Season 4 into my Persuasion class this semester, and that pisses me off.

Oh, The Wire, I sound more angry than I am... you know that. But still. Why you gotta go and be finite?


Joshie Juice said...

No spoilers please! I just finished the first season!

jenny said...

Hey, I thought you'd seen it all! Oh, season five. So many things to love and loathe. I didn't like Marlo, but I loved Snoop. She is my alter-ego.

A.W. said...

Try to ignore the one or two really stupid things that McNulty does that seem antithetical to his character and you'll enjoy it alot more. He's himself again once you write those off.

Took me a while to get past it, but once I did I enjoyed it a lot more.