Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Philosophy of Auntie Mame

1) The Seeming and the Being are Not As Far Apart as People Like to Think
Yesterday, in class, we talked about the hyperreal. I have become the simulation lady, and my students, poor poor things, are all sort of strapped in for an adventurous ride through imaginary land. The thing that we have to talk about, of course, is how these Disneyland adventures have material consequences. The fun house is not always so much fun, but, by damn, it is never boring.

2) Good Songs Speak the Truth
This is my new favorite song: I'm Just Lookin' For a Good Time by a band called Lady Antebellum. Seriously.

3) F Scott Fitzgerald is More than the Sum of His Desires
Although he often gets dismissed/caricatured as that sniveling poor boy at the rich kid party, FSF had alot of soul. You don't see NYT claiming that "Old Man and the Sea" is a perfect novel. Plus, without FSF , there would be no John Hughes movies, no Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler," no Slumdog Millionaire, no Corey Feldman, and no Gossip Girls. The form of desire, the absolute personification of unrequited love, performed and presented by that desolated man--that is the stuff of dreams. And pop culture.

4) When in Doubt, Use a Word Associated with Food to Get Your Point Across
Some possibles: morsel, tasty, shiny, salty, voluptuous, sumptuous, sharp, buttery, moist, rich, delicious.

5) The Moral Majority Wishes They Were as Delicious as We Are
So, go ahead. Have another sidecar.

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you forgot yummyrific