Friday, December 14, 2007

In the Spirit of Z

I have loved George Michael since I was 10. I only discovered Robert Earl Keen when I got to Texas... which was a shame. I wish I'd known him earlier.

I will write something more substantial in this blog at some point. Right now, though, because I am thinking very hard about the people that I love (and my heart is tired and far away), anything longer than a few sentences would ring false. So, in the Spirit of Z and Christmas and not-blogging, this post goes out to my family and the Fogelboys and Southerners, in general.


Robero said...

My dad loves this song. He made a a picture video with it a few years ago and sent it out to all the family. Mom was not impressed.

Fogelboy #2 said...

Texas misses you.

becky nguyen said...