Monday, December 17, 2007

On being effective

It's the very end of the semester. I just uploaded my final grades for the fall, and I am so sorry that I had to do everything from long-distance. Despite all that, my students rocked it. They are wonderful, and they made this first semester as a prof totally fun.

Sometimes, though, I wonder how much these people will remember. I know I share these concerns with my fellow teachers. So, when I received the following note from a student I taught last spring, I did a little dance:

"So all that stuff about structure of papers and speeches that you went on and on about in class last semester believe it or not actually got put to good use recently. We had a take home test in [insert class name here] and I used the forms you taught us and got a 99. I thought to myself, James would be so proud. Just thought I would let you know!"

Triumph is a good note to end the semester on, I think.

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