Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow

It snowed yesterday, and it was gorgeous. Today is weird and not-so-cold, so the snow has all melted. But I gotta tell ya, living somewhere that snow is normal might not be so bad.

In honor of the snow, and the holidays, and my eternal love for George Michael, here are two music videos that capture the spirit (multi-consumed and hyper-mythical) of a snow-filled Christmas with(out) love.

1) Judy Garland's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." The quintessential melancholic Christmas song, this version is the original. Current versions of the song are happier, sung in present tense and inclusive. Judy's is not... instead of "hanging a shining star upon the highest bow," in this song we just "have to muddle through somehow."

2)Wham's "Last Christmas." Deep, symbolic (note the down-turned brooch), and filled with hot eighties people frolicking, this video is still one of my favorites.


Robero said...

You'll learn to love the snow... Until it becomes endless slushiness, and mud, and slippery gross, and etc.

Still. I think I'm more of a Wham about snow than a Judy. At least in December.

Joshie Juice said...

Ooh, you are a gay goth boy, aren't you?!!

james said...

Robero: you hopeless romantic, you.

Black Nails: I am totally your standard Gay Goth Boy... with slightly better conversational and dancing skills.