Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fans of the Doctor, please stand up

Some days are kinda good. And some are kinda bad. But recently, I was talking to a friend (who is a rabid Dr. Who fan and has made me one and I am eternally grateful for that) about bad days. And he quoted another rabid Doctor fan about the notion of bad days v. good days: "It could be worse. Your genocidal clone could be fucking the woman you love in an alternate dimension." Indeed.


Dr. Juice said...

Dunno if I like this new Dr. Who, but . . . yes, I am a Fan of this most magnificent show, which I started watching in my singlet years with my pop. Baker was the definitive Dr. Who!

james said...

I've only seen Nine and Ten, but Steve has promised to introduce me to the other Doctors soon. I must say, though, I like the idea of timelordliness quite a bit... just in general.