Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey, there, Mr. Bits

You should read Overheard in New York because it's alsome.

Below is a little tidbit just to give you a hint of the alsomeness provided (and gathered) by regular folks.

"At the End Of the Day, It's All About Big Bits"

(about the Sex and the City movie)
Woman #1 : Yeah, I never saw the series but I think I'll still understand the movie.
Woman #2: Oh, yeah. I watched the whole series 'til the end.
Woman #1: Which one's Carrie?
Woman #2: Sarah Parker is Carrie. Yeah, and she was with this guy for a loooooong time. A loooong long time.
Woman #1: Yeah?
Woman #2: Yeah, they call him "Mista bits."
Woman #1: What do they call him?
Woman #2: Mista bits.

--Downtown E Train


Jessica T. Larson said...

I subscribe to the weekly e-mail they send out. It's hit or miss some days, but there are some true gems.

james said...

I love them. They also have some good moments in "Overheard Everywhere" because sometimes even people from square states say alsome things. :)