Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, let's all wake up in the dead of the night and listen to the Pogues.

You know what would be awesome? Dancing to "Tuesday Morning." You know what would be awesomer? Being asleep.

I hate jet lag. But I love "Rob. And the Pogues. Therefore, right now, even though it is midnight here (and I was sleeping soundly), I am wide awake and dancing to this marvelous song.

Things could be worse, bitches.


Rob said...

Glad you got a chance t dance. Sometimes it's required. The thing is--I've listened to the song like fifteen more times since ths post. Three times on my way to get coffee this morning. It's a little windy and, almost, crisp outside and listening to The Pogues makes me want to go to an Alabama game right now. When you get back, we should do that.

james said...

It's a date. Let's go to the Iron Bowl. I think Alan can get us tickets...