Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After inviting myself to Thanksgiving dinner

at my favorite cousin's house, I received this image in my email-

because I have the most delicious recipe for "White Trash Veggie Casserole," if you want it. And, I should warn you at the outset, the term "veggie" is applied very loosely in the construction of this culinary delight. That being said, it is one of those dishes for which there are NEVER any leftovers.

Southern culture on the skids is yummy, people. I'm just sayin.


Jessica T. Larson said...

East coast livin' is hard on a Southerner...I couldn't find a damn corn dog in THREE stadiums to save my life up here! Ugh...I'm drooling thinking about the Texas State Fair where I will eat fried food 'til I vomit and proceed to rally til I pass out.

james said...

Dude. If I could live on corndogs and funnel cake, I would. Granted, it would not be the longest life, but it would be delicious, by damn.

Anonymous said...

Since I refuse to buy corndogs, Z has resorted to getting them himself from Target, and stocking them in the freezer. What *is it* with you people?

And NO MORE malapropisms of "salad" or "veggie." No more, I say!


james said...

Malapropism, schmalapropism.

I can (mis)use the word veggie if I wanna. Just ask Band-Aid. And Jell-o. And Frigidaire. And hipsters.

Joshie Juice said...

LOL! OMG! I adore that cookbook. And I think the hilarious re-do is . . . um, hilarious!