Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello, Fenway!

How're things with you? I have been sort of busy lately--hence the sparse (and fairly unimaginative) posts. However, dear reader, there have been some pretty awesome developments over the last few days that I feel I should share with you. I don't want to be too obvious, but they rhyme with: I got to go to Fenway.

Go ahead. Be jealous.

Things to notice about the picture?
A) My kickin new Red Sox hoody.
B) The Green Monster
C) The fact that I am standing in fucking Fenway stadium.

It was a marvelous, last-minute trip. We rode the Fung Wah bus to Boston. For $15. Seriously. And then we had dinner at this great little Italian restaurant in the North End (I had the chicken saltimbocca--I am kind of an idiot for things-with-prosciutto-in-them). And then we went to Fenway, which was packed. All the seats were full, all the beer was cold, all the music was awesome.

My grandmother was a huge Red Sox fan. She believed, however, that she was bad luck for the team, so she stopped going to games later in life. I am hoping that it is not genetic, but my boys (especially Josh Beckett) did not look so good. I will have to test the theory and see another game. I am sincerely hoping that it is not genetic because Fenway is my favorite stadium, so far.

And Boston, with its lobster rolls and its long, flat vowels and its delicious water front is a place I'd like to visit again. Soon. For $15.


Tera said...

I am so jealous that you were IN BOSTON at FENWAY! So jealous you have no idea. We lived one T stop from Fenway when we were there. OMG I am SO jealous.

Anonymous said...

If it turns out to be genetic, can I get that Red Sox hoodie? -Jess

james said...

Tera--ahahahahaha. I love Boston. When you come to visit, we can swing up to the Mass for some lobster roll.

Jess-yes. Of course. But when you speak of me, speak well.

Charles Michael said...

I am an excellent cooker of the prosciutto variety of meat, thanks to my friend Giada. Although it is so delicate that cooking it requires more care than I would like to admit - so I think I'll just stick to steaks.