Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marcie makes Californication worth watching

Meet the SoHo Hos

Hipster girl #1: I'm so hungover, I just want to be hanging out on a roof somewhere drinking a vodka soda.
Hipster girl #2: I don't want a roof, I don't even wanna drink. I want to be laying under the covers with an ice pack on my vagina, sobbing.


via Overheard in New York, Sep 2, 2008


Rob said...


Joshie Juice said...

Oh, delicious. Not common Austin chatter (that would be, I wanna go soak my vagina in Barton Springs . . . .)

james said...

Lately, for some reason, words used to describe the vagina and its assorted accoutrements make me giggle.
Exhibit A: DHawhee's post from "The Daily Show."
Exhibit B: Marcie on "Californication" and Celia on "Weeds."

Matt Hollowell said...

Shane makes The L Word worth watching.