Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am the Champion, my friends

I totally won the first week of my football pool. And it was blind-ass luck, I'm not afraid to say it. But, regardless of the skill or fate or the gods or whatever, I won. And Winning is Awesome.

Yesterday was filled with academic bureaucracy and smarmy self-congratulation. Tomorrow, I go back to the normalcy of teaching and chatting with students. The day after that, reading-cleaning-being a grown up-cooking pasta.

But Today. Today, Oh Yes, I drank from the keg of victory. I talked trash via email and cell phone and blog. Today, I walked through the weird hurricane rain with my head held high and my turquoise shoes clacking triumphantly. So I just want to say "Thank You," to all the folks who made this possible.

To the trash talker-who said something stupid about my picks. Thank you.

To the underdogs, for making this triumph possible. I'm looking at you, North Carolina.

To the woman who organized the pool, on a whim and a kicky Excel spreadsheet.

And, most of all, to my parents. Mom--you make me realize the value of the moment. And, Daddy, your genetics lend themselves to my horrifying, borderline uncontrollable, and disconcerting competitive streak.

Hooray! Winning! Hooray!

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