Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don my Fake Fur Leather Boa, just like Noah

1) I am putting off laundry, to my own detriment (if I do not do laundry tomorrow, I will be teaching naked... which will be very cold), and, now that I think about it, to the detriment of others (poor, poor students with a nekkid prof). I miss my washer and dryer.

2) After reading Dr. Black Nail's latest blog entry (about characters and personalities and loyalty), I am thinking about dear friends who are far away, and dear friends who are close by. And I am realizing, once again, just how lucky I am to be so good at making friends. It is a Ninja skill that I possess: I like people who tell good stories, and so I practice collecting them. I have a pretty good collection, so far. But, of course, there are some who've gotten away, for a variety of reasons. That being said, I am lucky that these people (past and present) tell me their stories and let me be a part of their gorgeous worlds.

3) I am watching the fourth season of "Home Movies," in which Mr. Lynch yells, "Those bitches tried to cheat me!"

4) I am thinking that there are some people who are always, to a degree, in a state of mourning. Their reasons for mourning seem to change, on the surface, but I think (and this is a long-distance assignation because I am not in their heads or their hearts, so I cannot know for sure and also I am not one of them--my periods of mourning come and go)... but I think that their reasons for mourning are probably very similar. Across the board.

5) I am thinking about arguing in Japan. I just heard from the Japan Debate Association that my abstract was accepted for the Third Tokyo Conference on Argumentation. Woo Hoo! Now, if I can get that summer research grant, then I will be going to Tokyo this August!!!! I am very excited.

6) And now I am singing along with Bob Schneider's Tokyo. Mmmmmm, yummy, Bob Schneider and Shinto temples.

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