Tuesday, February 5, 2008

stupid traitor dream

Last night,
I dreamt that you were on a quest
To save your true love.
She was a mermaid,
And I was your trusty sidekick.
We could breathe underwater,
You and I…
You, because she loved you,
I, because I once loved you, too.

We saw a thousand miraculous things:
There were talking birds
And trees that walked,
Vast, dark caverns
And sunlight pyramids
And mysterious old women in small roadside shacks.
We swam through sharks,
Fighting our way to the end of the cave…
We listened to riddles,
Deciphering secrets and impossibilities.

The last thing I remember,
In this traitor dream of mine,
Was a message you received…
Written on a cupcake.
Your mermaid had sent you a note,
Telling you where she was.
This was real—
This time, we were sure.
We ran in the direction of the forest.
As we were running, I said to you,
“So, you’ve finally fallen in love—
Like you always wanted.”
And you smiled, saying,
And I said,
“Isn’t it awful?”

And then I woke—
Exhausted and unsettled,
My face wet with tears.

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