Saturday, February 23, 2008

Several Things

1) I'm not super excited about the new blog layout. I was trying to change it up a bit, and now I remember that different is bad. We fear change. Unless it's something to do with senators from Illinois. In those cases, um, "yes we can."

2) I just read an article about the spread of Burmese pythons, and I may never sleep again.

3) My friend knows this band. They are called Fallen Innocence (which is not the coolest name in the world, I admit), but we are going to see them play tonight in the Village. I like the sound of them, so far. He sounds like Maynard.

4) When my friend asked me if I had any plans for the Oscars tomorrow night, I was surprised to think that I hadn't even thought about them this year. I'm pretty sure it's because I am STILL angry about Crash winning the Oscar. That movie blows.

5) I like labels. These geeks do it well. So, in keeping with the whole "Yes We Can" thing, I am going to start labeling posts.

6) When I was in London, I visited a house that Charles Dickens once lived in, and when I was in Philadelphia, I went to one of Edgar Allen Poe's old houses. (It was the house in which he wrote "The Black Cat." Shiver...) And so I was moved by this article in the New York Times about the homes of favorite authors. Standing in the same place, looking out the same windows, seeing the same stretch of road as these dear-friends-we've-never-met is seductive indeed.

7) I miss football. Sigh.


Jess said...

...and I always thought you hated labeling things.

james said...

I don't mind labels atall--as long as I get to make them up myself.