Monday, February 25, 2008

Things Smart People Tell Me About

First example: Stuff White People Like--which may be my new favorite thing in the world. (Thank you to Jessica for the Awesome Reference.) Well, that and the page where you can see randomized Garfield cartoons (thanks to Steve the Weave for that one).

Second example: Apparently, the original Garfield site made every cartoon window into a separate, um, web thing--so, somebody who knows more about, um, web things than me wrote a program allowing the different windows to mesh. They're like cartoon mash-ups, and even though the actual site isn't up anymore (Boo), you can still see some old ones. These are some of the archived gems.

Read, laugh, talk amongst yourselves.


Matt Hollowell said...

Garfield mashups = best thing ever. Yay for gems and the truth that nothing every truly dies (though several of those undead things deserve your Boo, so please keep giving them out).

james said...

I thought you, of all people, would get a kick out of those mashups. They're sort of cosmic and deep and funny, allatonce... And now that they're undead, they seem all the more poignant.

Matt Hollowell said...

To volley back, I think you would appreciate this:

You came to mind when I saw it this morning.

Matt Hollowell said...

So that URL got cut off. If you select all, copy, paste it will work. Otherwise...heh heh...I have the link on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

SO WEIRD. i got wind of the white people (though a particular ilk of white people, no?) and a different garfield thing on the same day! (

are you me in an alternate universe? neat.