Friday, February 1, 2008


Today is gray and rainy in New York. Inches of snow are accumulating north and west of here. I am in a foreign land, and it is very exciting. I love the fast and the people and the pizza and the skyline.

But, today, for some reason, I am feeling really homesick. So I've been listening to "Midnight Train to Georgia" (Woo Woo!... you go, Pips), "That's Right" (by Lyle), Lynyrd Skynyrd v. Nelly (If you feel like dancing, listen to this), and "Crazy in Alabama" by Kate Campbell.

Some of these songs are kinda beautiful. Some of them are kinda sad. And some of them just make my hair stand on end... which is the way different representations of the South seem to work.

Poor Alabama.


Nuge said...

It's cold and rainy in the South, and I'm listening to RENT.

But I know the feeling.

Hey, remember the time we ran into each other, after, like, forever not seeing each other, at a barbecue and peach ice cream place off I-65(around Clanton?)?

I was traveling south, and you were traveling north. I think I was in line getting a barbecue sandwich (do I eat anything else?), and you and Britt walked up and stood quietly next to me until I turned sideways and saw your bright little faces. Wild!

james said...

I DO remember that. That was a marvelous accidental meeting.

Dammit. Now I'm homesick for Peach Park, too,

Robero said...

I always go for some classic Southern rock when I'm feeling homesick--or I dust of The Refreshments.

It’s hard, though, at times. Especially in February.